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Preference share account

Save with 7% yearly return
  • Monthly payoff of returns
  • Only 25% taxes for private investors
  • Completely tax free for corporate investors

Asset Management

Independent advisory & management
  • Health checks of your finances
  • Economic PT
  • Exclusive access to world-class funds


Line of Credit

Get a Line of Credit
  • Borrow between SEK 5 000 - 30 000
  • Apply and get notified immediately
  • 24% fixed annual interest rate

Private Loan

Simple private loan without UC
  • Borrow between 10 000 - 30 000 SEK
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • 25% annual interest rate

Frequently Asked Questions

A Line of Credit is a loan you only apply for once.

The advantage of a line of credit is that if you have repaid over 500 SEK, which is the minimum limit, you can withdraw the full amount you have paid back to us. That means you do not have to apply for a new loan.

Flexible deposit

As a borrower you can choose to pay off on your Line of Credit faster than the recommended monthly payments. With Pluskan you do this free of charge. With us, you only pay off your loan plus interest on your loan, which means that the faster you pay off your loan, the cheaper it will be.

Private loans are loans without security. They are usually called unsecured loans. The difference between a private loan and a mortgage is that you have the security of your home when you apply for a mortgage. This collateral is not available on private loans.


When applying for a private loan, there is no requirement as to what the money should go to. You can borrow whatever you want; a new car, renovation, a wedding or to pay off on other loans with higher interest rates.

It is true that you only tax 25% dividends through our savings form ‘Save with 7% return per year’. That is because what you invest in is called preference shares and these are favored in tax law.

Untie Lending does not withhold any provisional tax but pays the entire dividend directly to the shareholders’ accounts. Untie Lending then submits control data for individuals to the Swedish Tax Agency. The shareholder must then declare his / her own dividend on form K12 in order to receive the lower capital tax.