Peer to Peer investment

Invest with interest-on-interest effect

Untie offers high return to a low historical risk.

You who save a small sum of money every month might as well do it through us. We will help you do what the bank already does and lend your money, with the small difference that you get to keep most of the interest rate yourself.

Our returns vary depending on a few factors. The loans we issue have an interest rate between 8-23% and Untie takes 30% off that interest to keep our business running. That means that you as an investor earn 70% of the interest income. Depending on how many loans you have invested in and how well the loans are going, your return will either rise or fall. Historically, however, the return at Untie is high. And if you don’t make any money, then we won’t either. Read more on our calculation example of how this works.

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The secret lies in the interest-on-interest effect in combination with time. What that means is that the monthly profits are put into circulation again so that you can get a higher return in the long run. This way, you get interest on the interest you have already earned.

By monthly return, we mean that you who invest with us get your earned interest paid out several times a month, depending on when the borrowers pay the invoices and when their monthly invoices fall due.

So far, you get your money with one or a few days delay due to bank transfers and a few other factors.

Yes! You do not pay any fees to Untie. However, we take a piece of your profit to cover our expenses. 70% of the profits is yours. Your return might be up to 11% - or higher, but it might also be lower. It depends on how many loans you have invested in and if the loans you have invested in is going well. However, if you do not earn any money then neither do we.

financially and Risk-free investments do not exist. But Sweden is one of the world’s most stable countries, both politically.

In terms of experience, we know that the risk of losing money on a loan is just over one percent. If you only had invested in one loan it would be a big risk. But when you lend through Untie you own small shares in many loans.

By investing small amounts in many loans, you reduce your credit risk, which is the risk of losing all or parts of your investment.

With Untie you decide how much risk you want to take when investing your money. This can be done by diversifying your portfolio on how much you want to invest on each loan.

If you deposit a total of SEK 1000 and choose to invest SEK 100 per loan, your money will be divided into 10 loans. This way you increase your risk spread and get a reduced credit risk.