Calculation example

How can you earn money on loans?

Calculation examples are rarely fun, which is why we have tried to keep it as simple as possible.

Here we will explain calculation examples of both amortization and interest. You will follow both Anna and Kristoffer who have invested through Untie.

This is Anna. She has invested SEK 2000 through Untie.

This is Kristoffer. He has invested SEK 1000 through Untie.

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Distribution of paid-in amortization

How does the distribution of amortization take place between investors?

Amortization is distributed as a percentage among investors depending on how much they have lent.

Anna receives 66.7% of the borrower's paid invoice from the borrower's paid invoice as it is a percentage of what she has lent out in relation to Kristoffer. Anna thus gets SEK 133.4 (200 * 0.667) deposited into her Untie account.

Kristoffer, in turn, gets SEK 66.6 (200 * 0.333) into his Untie account.

This is borrower A. His first paid invoice contains an amortization of SEK 200 and interest of SEK 100.

Distribution of interest

How is the distribution of interest happening?

At the interest distribution, Untie charges 30% to cover costs arising from the mediation of the loans. Untie gets a total of SEK 30, since 100 * 0.3 (30%) = 30.

There is now a total of SEK 70 in interest left. This sum is distributed as a percentage between the investors, Anna and Kristoffer, just as the amortization was.

Anna receives SEK 46.7 (70 * 0.667) into her account after the interest distribution.

Kristoffer gets SEK 23.3 (70 * 0.333) deposited into his Untie account.

Overall, Anna has received a return of SEK 180.1 the first month and Kristoffer has become SEK 90 richer.

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