How it works

This is how it works

Earning more on interest than what the interest is, is actually not that strange, really. The secret is the interest-on-interest effect in combination with time.

The basic idea for a bank is that people deposit money at a low interest rate, so that the bank can lend the same money at a higher interest rate. With the help of Untie you can lend the money yourself instead without having to think about administrative and legal aspects.

And at Untie, we manage your investments through our automatic reinvestment. As soon as a borrower's amortization and interest rates come into your account, they are lent out again. That's how you get interest-on-interest. And, of course, you can choose for yourself whether you want to use our automatic reinvestment or not.

Risks with peer-to-peer loans

Untie does two things to limit your credit risk, that is, the risk that you as a lender will lose your investment.

1) Untie makes credit checks of the same standard as the bank does if you apply for a loan yourself, but without the involvement of UC.

2) Through Untie you can become the owner of small shares in many loans. This increases your risk spread.

Untie calculates 1% credit loss on your invested money, which is a little more than the actual credit losses we see historically. Therefore, as an investor, you can feel confident in investing with us.

Start Investing

1. Register

Create an account. It is really simple and your first step towards a more enjoyable financial future.

2. Make a deposit

The minimum amount you can invest with us is SEK 100. Whether you save a lot or a little, you will soon have more than ever. Your deposited money will end up in your liquidity account. To get the money lent, move them over to your loan account. You do this easily when you log in.

3. Choose investment

In your profile you can choose between corporate or private individuals to invest in, or both. The credit check is the same and the credit risk has historically been around 1%.

4. Grab a coffee

Relax and let Untie do all the work by automatically reinvest your return. Untie pays your earned interest on an ongoing basis, unlike other similar companies!

Historical return

The return may vary as it depends, among other things, on the payments of the borrowers and the maturity of the loans. Investors are responsible for the credit risk and are not covered by the state deposit guarantee. However, our members' deposited money is always managed separately from Untie's individual money, and in this way, they are protected if Untie AB goes bankrupt.

Numbers of joy

You will not pay any fees to Untie, but we will take some of your profits to cover our costs. 70% of the return goes to you.

The risk calculation is based on several years of lending from one of Untie's sister companies. The lending took place with the same type of credit assessment that Untie uses. However, this should not be interpreted as an investment with us being risk-free. Historical risk levels and future risk levels may differ.

Start Investing

The trick is the interest period

In the context of loans, it is usually the annual interest rate that we think of. But in reality we pay interest to the bank once a month. It may not make a big difference to us, but it does make a big difference to the bank. As soon as you have paid your interest the bank can put the money back into work. They get interest-on-interest.

With Untie you do not only get interest on the money but also interest-on-interest effect just like the bank! This is possible through the automatic reinvestment managed by Untie.

Binding period

When you lend through Untie you own small shares in many loans and therefore the binding period can vary between 1 - 5 years. During this time, as an investor, you will receive payments deposited into your specified bank account.

As a result, you as an investor will receive a high return with interest-on-interest effect throughout the time you have your investments with us. However, this is on the condition that you do not move the money from the Loan Account.

If you are looking for a secure investment with no fixed binding period, we can offer Preference shares with a 7% return per year.