Preference shares

Invest in preference shares through our company Untie Lending AB.

Preference shares with a 7% return

Untie Lending is a company that has been issuing private loans since the fall of 2017 and has in a short time created great demand on the market.

Through a fully automated application process, the customer receives loan confirmation promptly and thanks to careful credit testing, our historical credit losses are very small.

We see a great demand for our services. To cover the capital requirement, we now offer the option of investing in preference shares at a fixed return of 7% with no fixed term, as you can request redemption on a monthly basis.


All investments are associated with risk. According to UC, Untie Lending AB (publ) has "Highest credit rating". Read more about risk factors in the FAQ.

“The seal is issued by UC AB. Click on the image for information on UC's Risk Classes. "

The benefits to you as an investor

  • The return of 7% is stable and does not change.
  • Possibility to pay dividends to your account every month.
  • The investment is free of charge and fully automated.
  • Lower tax on your return than other investments.
  • The minimum amount is SEK 2,000 (per one preference share)

Common questions

The return is 7% and the value of the preference shares is stable and does not change.
Untie Lending's preference shares are different from those traded on a stock exchange. The price is fixed and does not change with buy and sell in a market. Thus, the dividend is also fixed at 7%. This is suitable for those who want a stable and even cash flow and stable capital.
The dividend is placed into your account every month.
Every month you have the possibility to get your return disbursed, which would be a twelfth of 7%. Let’s say you invest SEK 100 000 – that would mean you get SEK 583 disbursed to your account every month.
No fees
The investment has no fees and is entirely automated.
We have automated the entire process from when you have registered your first investment. No fees and payoffs from dividends directly to your account.
Binding period
There is no binding period.
You can request redemption of your preference shares on a monthly basis. As an investor, we would like to see that you have a investment horizon for your investment of at least 1 year. See the terms and conditions for a detailed description.
There is lower tax on the returns than on other investments.
The taxes on the dividends from preference shares is lower than for instance a savings account. For private investors the tax is 25% instead of 30% and for corporate investors the taxes is 0% instead of 21,6%.
Minimum amount
The minimum amount is SEK 2000 which is the worth of 1 preference share.
We want to offer both large and small investors the high return. Therefore, the minimum amount the worth of one preference share. The automation makes our process efficient, cheap and free of charge.

Financial instruments can both increase and decrease in value. There is always a risk that you will not get back the money you invest.