Terms and conditions

Below you will find the terms and conditions that are part of the agreement you enter into when you subscribe for preference shares


Untie Lending AB (publ) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Untie Group AB. The corporate group has conducted lending operations since 2011. Untie Lending AB is licensed as a consumer credit institution and is under the supervision of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. In order to meet the increased demand and secure more financing from credit market companies and institutions, the Annual General Meeting of Untie Lending AB on January 23, 2019 decided to authorize the company's Board of Directors to decide on one or more occasions on the issue of preference shares with deviation from the shareholders' preferential rights.

Subscription of Preference Shares

The subscription price for the Preference Shares is SEK 2,000 per share. Notification of purchases must be made on the Company's website. The Company reserves the right to refuse notifications without reservation. Subscription of preference shares is then made by payment of the Subscription Liquid to the Company's bank account no later than 10 days after the approved notification.


The preference shares shall result in an annual dividend of SEK 140 per share, which is received monthly with one-twelfth per month. The record date for the dividend is the last weekday of the month and payment is made by the shareholder requesting payment from the Company via My Pages. Dividends are calculated from the date the preference share is distributed until the day when it is redeemed. Allocation is normally made on the first banking day of the following month, calculated from the time when the subscription notification was received on the Company's website. Untie Lending AB submits control duties but does not deduct preliminary tax for private individuals. Companies handle tax returns and tax payments in connection with their regular tax return.

Redemption of preference shares at the shareholder's request

The shareholder can request redemption of preference shares at any time through the registration on the Company's website. The company can then redeem preference shares to SEK 2,000. If the shareholder requests redemption, payment must be made no later than two months after the date on which the redemption claim was received by the Company. The Board of Directors reserves the right to decide on redemption. In the event that redemption has been requested by several shareholders and the Board of Directors considers that such payment is not possible, the total redemption amount that can be paid out shall be distributed proportionately between the shares declared for redemption.

Redemption of preference shares at the company's request

The Company has the right to redeem optional preference shares at SEK 2,000 plus accrued dividends. The Board of Directors reserves the right to decide on redemption. The Board of Directors has the right to decide on redemption of some or all preference shares.

Transfer of preference shares

The preference shares cannot be transferred and are subject to a pre-purchase clause and home bid clause. This means that a preference shareholder who wishes to transfer his shares must notify the Company's Board of Directors in writing. The price for the shares shall be SEK 2,000 per share. For further information see the Company's Articles of Association.


For further information, see the Company's Articles of Association.

The Board of Directors, Untie Lending AB (publ), 2019-05-03