Frequently asked questions

Amortization is the installment on your loan. Your loan decreases when you repay and thus you lower your interest cost for the loan. You can pay off your loan whenever you want with us at no extra cost.

If you happen to miss a payment you will be charged. If you have questions about delayed payments, you can log in to My Pages and submit your concerns to us.

You can read more about what applies to late payment fees under our general terms and conditions.

In order not to miss a payment in the future, you can pay via Autogiro. Then your payment is automatically handled by deducting a predetermined amount on a specified date each month. To add an autogiro notification, log in to My Pages.

If you miss a payment you will be charged. Read more about our delay fees under our general terms.

If we do not pay for an extended period, your loan will be canceled with us and forwarded to a debt collection company. In the next step, your case can be forwarded to Kronofogden. Each of these steps costs some money. Pay on time and you avoid these costs. In order to avoid late payments, you can pay your invoices via Autogiro. Then the monthly payments are automatically deducted from your bank account each month.

If you ever have trouble paying an invoice, contact us. Together we can often solve temporary payment problems by moving an invoice and possibly setting up a payment plan. But we can only do that if you talk to us.
Borrowing to pay another loan can be really stupid - or really smart. It depends entirely on interest rates and other costs. If you have a high interest rate loan, it may be a good idea to pay it off with a cheaper loan. But read the terms carefully, some lenders charge to close a loan early.

It is important to us (and to you) that you do not borrow more than you can repay. That's why we check your credit rating.

However, we do not do this via UC but through Bisnode. Should you have a payment note, it is in most cases possible to get a loan anyway, as long as the debt is settled. Thus, you must not have any current debt at Kronofogdemyndigheten.

You only pay interest for the time you actually borrow the money. If you want to pay back faster, just pay more. Every extra crown you pay in goes automatically to the repayment of your loan. And then of course the interest cost will be lower as well.
We use 360 days a year as interest days. Since months have different number of days, your interest amount will vary slightly from month to month. In our price examples, we count a month as 30 days.

To apply for Autogiro, log in to My pages. Specify that you want to associate your account number with direct debit/Autogiro. It will then take a couple of days before we get an answer on whether the autogiro announcement has been approved and we can pay for your invoices.

You can also log in to your Internet bank and sign up for an autogiro notification.

We take on credit information about you to ensure that you do not borrow more than you can handle. The reason why we do not use UC is because it can make it difficult for you to borrow money elsewhere.

The company we hire is called Bisnode, but that may change in the future. The information we collect through Bisnode is not visible at UC and therefore does not affect your chances of getting a loan elsewhere.

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We pay out approved loans on a daily basis, but the amount of time it takes before your money is in your account depends on the bank's transfer times, holidays and the like. You usually have the money within two business days after your loan application has been approved.
The basic requirement for borrowing money from us is that you must be written in Sweden, be between 20-65 years old, have no debt with the Kronofogdemyndighet and have no payment note and that you do not already have a loan with Untie.
Every month you can see your invoice on My pages. It says how much you (at a minimum) should pay and what you pay for. Of course, we also send an email with the invoice and remind you to log in for more info.

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