How does it work?

Borrow with Untie

Apply easily with Bank-ID. We offer responsible unsecured loans to reasonable terms.

if your application is approved we will pay the money to your bank account.

The basic requirements for obtaining a loan granted by us are that you must have reached the age of 20, be written in Sweden and not have any cases registered with Kronofogden. You can apply for loans up to SEK 80,000 and with a repayment period of max 5 years.

When do I get the money?

You have the money within two business days.

The right of withdrawal applies with us just as elsewhere, if you notify us within two weeks. Then, just as we always do, we only pay for the interest rate during the time you had the money.

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Offers a rallying point for investors and borrowers.


Finances private loans at Untie and receives an annual return of up to 11%.


Seeks for private loans at Untie. Borrowers can not have any recent payment defaults.

Credit report

Untie cares about its customers. Credit information helps us make sound judgments on you who apply for a loan.

The purpose is therefore to ensure that you who take out the loan can also pay for it. For both yours and the investors' safety.

Untie uses Bisnode to take a credit report on you. By using Bisnode, you who apply for loans can feel secure with future loan applications as it will not affect your creditworthiness. 

If you have a payment note, it doesn't always have to be a hindrance for borrowing money from us even though we have certain basic rules that we adhere to.

The payment note must be older than six months and up to three can pass. Mistakes can be made by everyone and for us the main thing is that you handle your payments now - not that you had any difficulties before.

Most importantly is that you do not have any unpaid debts left to Kronofogden, otherwise we cannot lend you any money.

Loan without fees

Billing fees
Arrangement fees


Untie does not charge any fees if you pay on time. You as a borrower pay only on your loan and the interest on the loan. Read more about our fees under our general terms and conditions.

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Cost of interest

We offer loans without safety. Hence a slightly higher interest rate.

Since collateral is lacking, the lender's risk is higher and that is the one you pay for.

Individual interest rate from 8%

Common questions

Contact us at My pages as soon as you know that you will not be able to pay your invoice on time. If you are in trouble, there are good opportunities for us to resolve the situation with you.

If you miss a payment, fees may apply. Go in and read more under our terms and conditions.

Yes, you can pay off your loan at a faster rate than usual. In that case you just pay a higher amount than the one stated on your invoice.

Untie does not charge any extra fees. You only pay off on your loan and the interest.

It is not allowed to lend money randomly. Companies that work with lending must have permission from Finansinspektionen.

Of course, we have. Untie AB is licensed as a payment institution. Which means that we may pass on credit between lenders and borrowers.

That's because Untie lends the money. So do the investors. We only take care of the administrative tasks.

And if we don't take care of it, we get rid of the condition, and of course we don't want that to happen. Therefore, we are careful to follow the rules and act responsibly.

In addition, we at Untie want to go to work with a clean conscience. Our vision is to create a freer financial world where you as a customer can more easily control your everyday life. Without complicated banks.

If you have remarks about our business you have the alternative to complain. Under complaints you can read about how it works.

You always talk to us at Untie. Contact us through My pages. It makes it easier for us to handle your cases.

In short, an annuity loan means that you, as a borrower, pay the same amount (in SEK) each month. However, you pay more interest - and less amortization - at the beginning of the loan than at the end.

At Untie you can pay off your loan faster. You do this easily by paying a higher sum than what is stated on the invoice.

Through Untie you can collect both loans and savings under one and the same roof. It makes it easy for you to get an overall view of your income and debt. With our wide range and nice conditions, you can feel confident that your savings will get a good spread and reduced *credit risk.

* Credit risk is the risk that you as an investor will lose your money on an investment. This can be avoided by not placing "all eggs in the same basket."